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Is New Home Construction right for You?

In Folsom, CA available resale homes are often limited. You may be having trouble finding the perfect home for you and your family. Perhaps you don’t want the hassle of constant updates or repairs. Well new home construction may be for you.

This page is a comprehensive overview of New Home Construction in Folsom, CA.

Blackpine Model Home

Before you visit the Model, read on for your jumping off point when searching for the home of your dreams!

New Home Construction Benefits…

So now you’re thinking of going the new construction route, well continue reading before you visit the model!

What to Know Before Visiting The Model…

I just go to the model right? Well sure, but if you read on you may be better prepared.

  1. The Model Home is likely upgraded and may not represent the home you purchase. The sites sales agent is there to let you know what is upgrades and what is selected (if anything) for your home.
  2. A SPEC vs. a Dirt Sale/Home, Plan, or Lot. When the sales agent uses the word Spec, they are referring to a home, likely under construction where the selections and options have already been chosen by the builder. A Dirt Sale/Home, Plan or Lot is where you are starting from scratch and the buyer gets to semi-customize their home. If purchasing a spec and there is something you really dislike, ask the sales agent if it can be changed. Each builder has different timing for when or if selections can be changed. They may also charge a fee if changes are made past a certain point). Tip : if you are buying a spec KNOW what selections have been chosen so you aren’t surprised later.
  3. Floorplans and lots go together. For most builders certain floorplans fit on certain lots so if you find an available lot that you love make sure you know which floorplans fit on which lots and vice versa.
  4. Timing for the home to be complete is absolutely an estimate, unless the builder already has Close of Escrow (meaning DONE) dates are selected.
  5. The builder has their own contract. If you’ve sold or bought a resale home before the residential contract may be familiar to you, but if you purchase a new construction home, the builder has their own contract. This is why it is important to either get a buyers agent or make sure you not only review the contract, but you also have the sales agent walk you through piece by piece when you’re signing. Tip: I highly recommend not signing electronically. It is very easy to speed through this process and miss vital pieces of information.
  6. Your home is not being Custom Built! Unless you specifically choose a community and builder where the homes are being custom built, most New Home Construction communities are semi-custom and production home builders. This means that there are going to be a list of floorplans, structural/electrical/low voltage/plumbing and interior color options already priced and available for you to choose from. Keep that in mind as you image your home. If there’s something you truly want, ask the sales agent if it’s possible, each builder is different so if you had it done on your last home, the new builder may not do it.

Do I need an Agent?…

Technically no. As a buyer you never are required to have an agent, but it’s a good idea. This agent doesn’t cost you anything, in fact it can only be a benefit. For new construction your agent likely gets paid a commission from the seller just like most real estate transactions. Understand that the sales agent you speak to at the model, represents the Seller, NOT you.

Pick your Agent Wisely! Why am I saying this? Of course you will right… well, please remember that when buying a new construction home, many times you may be waiting for up to a year (hopefully not) before your home is complete. That means you and the agent you chose to represent you will have a relationship and be in constant communication for many many months! Make sure you both connect.

Make sure they are experienced. New Home Construction is quite a bit different than selling or buying resale homes. The lingo is different the contract is different. The timelines are different. The negotiation power or potential is different. If you pick an agent that is inexperienced with New Construction then you’ll both be learning together and you won’t be represented as well as you could be.

What Should Your Agent be Doing for You?

Required Builder Deposits and Your Loan…

Make sure you know the builder’s required earnest deposit requirements prior to signing the contract or committing to purchasing the home. It’s also so important to know what type of loan you are going to use and that the builder allows, is it a FHA, VA, Conventional or Construction Loan? Depending on your loan type the deposit requirements may vary. Picking a great loan officer is key! Make sure they know you are purchasing New Construction and that they are experienced.

Narrowing Down Your Choice…

What’s most important to you? You may find the PERFECT new home, but likely there may be a give and take for different floorplans, lots or selections. When narrowing down or selecting the home you want to purchase, you may need to prioritize a few things. Is the floorplan more important or the view/lot? Timing, when is the home estimated to be finished? Can you still chose your selections and how important is this for you and your family? Is the neighborhood right for you? Do they allow short term rentals and how will this effect you? Lastly, the price of course.

The Contract…

Remember your agent should discuss and review the contract with you prior to the signing session!
This contract was written by the seller and likely is in the seller’s favor. Don’t let this scare you away, but it is important to know what you’re signing. As you sign the contract, be aware and take note of any important timelines such as timing for option selections. Make sure you hold up your side and requirements for the contract to protect yourself. Are the earnest monies held in a Neutral Escrow account or do they go hard to the builder? Understand the warranty and what it will cover.

Selection Time!


Understand that your home likely is going to take time to be built. There are so many things that no one can control, weather being the biggest. Remember that while everyone’s goal is to get your home finished in a timely manner, you want the work to be done well. No one wants a rushed home, so be patient and prepare
There you have it! I hope this page is helpful for you! If you have questions, please call or text me. I would love to meet with you and discuss which New Home Community might fit your needs best! Don’t like in Flagstaff, but you’re looking for a New Construction Home, let’s connect and I can help narrow down as well as help find the best option for you!

ALL FINISHED – time to Close

You’ve made it. You were patient and now your home is finally complete. I only have 2 tips for this one. Enjoy your home, and make sure you know you customer care representative who will help you with any warranty item repairs.

Well, there you have it. I hope this was helpful for you! Now let’s connect and begin the New Home Construction process for you!